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Bernard began conducting in 1983 with various different ensembles, before becoming, in 1996, the first musical director of Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn. In 2001, he became the conductor of the Ensemble Orchestral de Pau. In 2008, he founded OSSO (Orchestre Symphonique du Sud-Ouest), a high quality amateur orchestra, led by professional musicians. This orchestra’s mission is to allow amateur musicians to work to the highest standard, thanks to the professionals who lead them, but also to bring classical music to places where it is rarely heard. In 2016, when Bernard returned to his native French Catalonia, he founded a new ensemble, OSAR (Orchestre Symphonique d’Alénya-Roussillon), following the same model as OSSO. This ensemble has also branched out to include two smaller structures: A415, a baroque group of around ten musicians, and OSAR-Brass, a brass ensemble.

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